Colony counting with the BioSpotTM Software Suite

Immune monitoring efforts frequently involve measuring serum antibodies’ efficacy in neutralizing viruses, bacteria or toxins. ImmunoSpot® readers fully support such high-throughput measurements, including colony counting . Each type of colony, however, viral plaques as an extreme, have unique morphologies that require unique analysis solutions. The BioSpotTM Software Suite has been established to meet this challenge. CTL’s philosophy is to offer instruments that support several functions commonly performed in immune monitoring laboratories. Enabled by the BioSpotTM Software Suite, ImmunoSpot® Readers are rendered high-end colony and plaque counters.

CTL’s BioSpotTM software can distinguish and independently count objects/colonies of up to 12 different colors as visible under white light illumination while continuing to support 21 CFR Part 11 compliant QC and audit trails for transparent ELISPOT counting in regulated environments.

To view the full spectrum of assays that can be analysed with the BioSpotTM Software, follow this link please (links to Page 29 of Wiki)

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