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Cell-Mediated Immunity (CMI)

CTL’s strength lies in its leading ELISPOT/FluoroSpot expertise for immune monitoring. We pride ourselves in sharing our expertise in academic and regulated immune monitoring with the scientific community. We invite you to contact us with questions you might have regarding the assay’s implementation to your needs, or data analysis.

The ability to measure antigen-specific immune responses facilitates basic research, drug discovery, and management of a range of important diseases. ELISPOT/FluoroSpot (collectively called ImmunoSpot®) testing is particularly needed when measurement of low-frequency, antigen-specific T- or B cell responses is to be accomplished. The T- or B cell readout at single-cell resolution is required to develop better understanding and treatment of infections, allergies and autoimmunity, to predict rejection/acceptance responses in organ transplantation, for improvements in drug and vaccine development, and for monitoring various cancer treatments.

The ImmunoSpot® technique allows researchers to record secretory footprints of antigen-specific T and B cells in the form of “spot forming units” within a 96-well plate. These images can then be scanned and counted, and readily evaluated for statistical significance. The ELISPOT method can therefore be used to determine whether test subjects respond positively or negatively to antigens. In addition to the extent of each person’s immune response, its immune quality can also be established by ImmunoSpot®.

Please contact us if you have any ELISPOT/FluoroSpot testing-related questions.

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