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Contract Laboratory Scanning & Analysis Services

Although CTL provides a variety of cost-effective, high-performance ELISPOT plate readers, there are times when a customer is not quite ready to purchase one of these devices. In circumstances like these, customers can take advantage of our ELISPOT plate scanning and analysis services. The CTL team of in-house experts offers a variety of options to meet your specific needs.

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CTL provides full ELISPOT plate scanning and analysis services. The customer simply has to ship their fully developed and dried ELISPOT plates to CTL. These are then scanned and analyzed by the company’s highly-trained staff using the ImmunoSpot® system. The output is prepared in the form of publication-ready TIFF or JPEG images, and Excel® files containing spot count frequencies, mean spot sizes, spot size distributions, counting parameters, and overlays of raw and analyzed images for quality control of the counting results.

Interested in using CTL’s ScAnalysis™ service? Please email us at for more information.

Scanning Services

With CTL’s plate scanning service, ELISPOT plates are shipped to CTL to be scanned by our highly trained personnel. The plate scans are stored onto CD or DVD, then sent back to the customer along with the original plates. The plate scans can then be analyzed by the customer independently using CTL’s ImmunoSpot® Software. This provides a cost-effective solution for those who aren't ready to purchase an analyzer yet, but who also want to perform their own data analysis.

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CTL also offers a variety of plate scanning and analysis packages, including starter packages for those who are still learning how to use ELISPOT assays effectively.

For further information or a quote, please contact us today.