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S6 Flex M2

The S6 Flex M2 is a dedicated 4-color FluoroSpot reader, and so much more! It supports ELISPOT/FluoroSpot testing by enabling high-throughput PBMC viability counting, a rate limiting step for testing multiple PBMC samples in ELISPOT assays. The Flex is equipped with optics which, along with CTL’s dedicated LDA Cell Counting Suite permits live and dead cell counting in dozens of PBMC samples within minutes, including the documentation of the samples’ viability/fitness, and the calculation of resuspension volumes. The Flex is a multifunctional device that supports several assays which are standard in immune monitoring laboratories. Its live/dead cell counting ability, along with the TVA Cytotoxicity Suite, renders the Flex a high-throughput reader for cell-mediated cytotoxicity assays. Enabled by the BioSpot™ Software, this instrument permits automated reading of viral neutralization and infectivity assays in a wide range of well formats. The instrument comes with features supporting work in a regulated environment, and is high-throughput capable, handling up to 400 plates per run when equipped with our automated plate loader.

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Well Formats
  • 24/48/96/384/1536 and Terasaki
  • (upgradable to rapid 6/Petri)
Advanced Components
  • Precision stage (0.24 mm stepping)
  • Digital area scan camera with image resolution of up to 10 Megapixels
  • Computer Interface: USB 3.0
  • Integrated Barcode Reader
  • Optical Interface: Fixed zoom with manual focus
  • Lighting Top: 96 LED Ring (rated for 100,000 operating hours)
  • Lighting Bottom: High illumination, uniform luminescent flat light panel
  • Lighting Fluorescence:
  • Long Life, Ultra-High Power BLUE LED
  • Long Life, Ultra-High Power GREEN LED
  • Long Life, Ultra-High Power VIOLET LED
  • Excitation Filters: 405nm, 480 nm, 570nm
  • Emission Filters:
    1. 440 nm: DAPI, Alexa Fluor® 405, Pacific Blue™, CF™405, Po-Pro™, Sytox™ Blue
    2. 520 nm: FITC, AO, CFSC, Alexa Fluor® 488, GFP, sfGFP, Sytox™ Green, Yo-Pro™
    3. 580 nm: PE, Cy3, TRITC, PI, Sytox™ Orange, dsRed, mRuby2
    4. 625 nm: PI, mCherry, Alexa Fluor® 594
    5. 690 nm: PE-Cy5, PerCP, PE-AF680, PERCP Cy 5.5
    6. Empty
    7. Empty
    8. Open for ELISPOT
Comes with Software
Data processing features
  • Dell Optiplex SFF computer
  • CPU: 8-core i7; Memory: 16GB RAM, Graphics: Intel HD
  • Storage: 500 GB SATA + 1TB GB SATA (System + Data); Optical Drive: Slimline DVD+/-RW
  • Ports: 1x Serial, 1x USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type-C, 4x USB 2.0 Type A, 5x USB 3.1 Type A, 1x Ethernet, 1x DP
  • Monitor: 24” Professional Widescreen
  • Keyboard/Mouse: US-Layout / Optical Mouse
  • Operating System: Windows 10 Pro x64 with Microsoft Office 2019 Business
  • Imaging Unit (H x W x D); (Weight): 58.4 cm x 56 cm x 56 cm; (23” x 22” x 22”); 45.36 kg (100 lb)
  • Data Processing Unit (H x W x D); (Weight): 29 cm x 9 cm, 29 cm; (11.4” x 3.7” x 11.5”); 4.99 kg (11 lb)
Power requirements
  • Voltage: 120/230 V AC, 60/50 Hz
Optional components (sold separately)
  • Stacker (for 30 or 50 plates)
  • Robotic arm (for high-throughput plate loading – up to 400 plates)
  • IQ/OQ