Mouse IgA/IgE/IgG/IgM Four-Color FluoroSpot

This optimized FluoroSpot assay reliably detects mouse IgA, IgE, IgG, and IgM produced by antibody-secreting cells (ASC) that have either differentiated in vivo or were induced to differentiate into ASC following polyclonal stimulation in vitro.

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Capture Kit

Includes Capture Antibodies, low autofluorescence PVDF plates, polyclonal B cell activator (B-Poly-S™), and all diluents.


Kit contains fluorescently-labeled Detection Antibodies and fluorochrome conjugates that bind to the secreted antibodies of interest. The fluorochrome conjugates contain proprietary dye systems for fluorescence detection of the specific Ig class/IgG subclass by scanning and analyzing the emitted wavelength of the fluorochrome(s) using an ImmunoSpot® fluorescent Analyzer.

Volume discounts available, please inquire.

Components Catalog #
Ig Capture Kit mB4F
IgA Detection Kit mB14
IgE Detection Kit mB19
IgG Detection Kit mB09
IgM Detection Kit mB04