LDA Cell Counting Suite

Live, dead and apoptotic PBMC counted on the fly

Fluorescence-capable ImmunoSpot® Readers are equipped with high-resolution optics to visualize individual cells that are stained with fluorescent viability dyes that identify them as live, dead, or apoptotic cells (LDA).

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Enabled by CTL’s LDA Cell Counting Suite such ImmunoSpot® Readers can do LDA counting of PBMC samples (or of any other cell type) in various hemocytometer formats and in 96 well plates. LDA counting of 96 PBMC samples in a plate takes just minutes including automatic calculations of resuspension volumes and generation of a concise report (see example).

LDA counting is important for the assessment of PBMC samples’ fitness following cryopreservation or prolonged storage/shipment [ref]. The accurate counting of live cells in PBMC is essential for adjusting the cell numbers to be plated into ELISPOT/FluoroSpot assays as divergent live cell counts contribute the largest variability to inter-assay spot count reproducibility. Unless using a dedicated instrument for live, dead, and apoptotic cell counting, this process is time-consuming and rate limiting for testing of multiple PBMC samples in an experiment.

CTL’s philosophy is to offer instruments that support several functions commonly performed in immune monitoring laboratories. Enabled by the LDA Suite, ImmunoSpot® Readers are rendered high-end cell counters, saving our customers the expense of having to purchase and service a dedicated cell counter. All necessary functions are included in the cost of a single instrument.

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1072 counted

Donor 1 live cells

99 counted

Donor 1 dead cells

78 counted

Donor 1 apoptotic cells

1122 counted

Donor 2 live cells

125 counted

Donor 2 dead cells

6 counted

Donor 2 apoptotic cells

866 counted

Donor 3 live cells

59 counted

Donor 3 dead cells

29 counted

Donor 3 apoptotic cells