Reference Samples QC Set

The ePBMC® Reference Samples QC Set has been specifically designed for T cell and B cell assay development, qualification and validation.

This set is invaluable as internal controls for clinical trials, allowing researchers to use samples from donors with known reactivities to specific peptide antigens. Based on the validation results, the samples can be used to define cutoff values for acceptance of the assay. They are also ideal for testing the T and/or B cell assay proficiency of lab personnel, and for harmonizing T/B cell assays among different sites.

For T cell assays, PBMC are made available that display Th1 (IFN-γ or IL-2), Th2 (IL-4, or IL-5 or IL-13), Th17 (IL-17), or Th21 (IL-21) CD4+ T cell responses specific for select antigens included into the package. PBMC/peptide combinations are also available that induce granzyme B or perforin production in CD8+ T cells.

For B cell assays, the frequency of antibody-secreting cells (ASC) secreting immunoglobulin classes/subclasses has been established against antigen probes representing SARS-CoV-2, seasonal influenza, EBV and HCMV. Custom immune characterization is also available upon request.

Cat# CTL-QC1
≥10 million cells per vial

Volume discounts available, please inquire.

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