ELISPOT Plate Scanning and Counting Services

Streamline your ELISPOT Assays with Plate Scanning Services

Our CRO offers a variety of affordable, reliable ELISPOT plate scanning options to meet your specific project needs. From basic plate scanning to high-throughput, full-service scanning and spot analysis, our in-house team of experts can help streamline your studies and clinical trials.

Our CRO has performed routine plate scanning services for pharmaceutical and biotechnology Clients of all sizes. We have successfully deployed such optimized processes in key clinical trials (Phase I, II, and III) and testing for translational and preclinical studies.

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Comprehensive ELISPOT Plate Scanning Service:

We offer a variety of specialized plate scanning/analysis service packages for Clients with unique needs, including starter packages for those who are new to ELISPOT.

Our full-service ScAnalysis™ provides ELISPOT plate scanning and analysis. Our Clients using this service ship their fully developed and dried ELISPOT plates to our laboratory, where they are scanned and analyzed by our staff using the ImmunoSpot® system. The readout is prepared in the form of publication-ready images and Excel® files. The spreadsheets contain spot count frequencies, mean spot sizes, spot size distributions, counting parameters, and overlays of raw and analyzed images for quality control of the counting results.

Our basic plate scanning services are a convenient and economical choice for Clients who prefer to analyze their own data. To use this service, clients ship their ELISPOT plates to our laboratories, where they are scanned by our highly trained personnel. The plate scans are sent via secure email link, and original plates are returned to the customer.

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