Uncharacterized PBMC

Uncharacterized PBMC can be reserved in large batches of up to 400 - 800 vials per human donor for repeated use obtaining consistent viability, recovery and functionality.

Plasma matching PBMC available in both 0.5ml(Cat# PLASMA-05, $50) and 10ml(Cat# PLASMA-10, $600) aliquots.

≥10 million cells per vial Cat# CTL-UP1 $96.00/vial

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Our Cryopreserved PBMC are ideal for the following applications:
  • ELISPOT/FluoroSpot Assays
  • Tetramers/Pentamers/Dextramers
  • Intracytoplasmic Cytokine Staining (ICS)
  • Cytokine ELISA Assays
  • Cytokine Bead Arrays (CBA)
  • Cytokine Protein Arrays (CPA)
  • Cytokine mRNA Determinations (RT-PCR)
  • ADCC
  • Transmigration Assays
  • Any applications that require live, functional PBMC

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Even though CTL’s Uncharacterized ePBMC® did not undergo the extensive genetic and immunological characterization as our Characterized ePBMC®, they still offer major advantages over blood draws obtained from uncharacterized donors. These include:

QC: Each batch has undergone thorough quality-control, making sure that the viability and functionality of each vial after thawing approximates that of freshly isolated PBMC. Each vial of Uncharacterized ePBMC® contains at least 10 million viable cells with less than 10% post-thaw dead cells.

Low-background, high-signal: Each batch has been selected for low-background activity and frozen serum-free, making sure that cellular assays performed with Uncharacterized ePBMC® cells provide results with high-signal to noise ratios.

Consistency: From each donor we freeze batches of hundreds of vials, with each batch functioning indistinguishably from each other. Therefore, unlike regular blood draws of your own where infections and environmental influences can adversely affect the PBMC performance, even when drawn at different time points from the same donor, ePBMC® give you the opportunity to work with the very same cell material experiment after experiment, over and over. If this reproducibility is important for you, simply let us know! We can reserve cells of the same lot for you.

No hassle: Uncharacterized ePBMC® have been ethically collected for you and can be used as common reagents, no IRBs needed because we’ve taken care of that. It takes a fraction of the time and effort to thaw and prepare ePBMC® for a bioassay compared to collecting blood and performing PBMC isolation.